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    Vehicle law
    General road rules
    1. You must drive on the RIGHT side of the road at all times, this includes parking on the RIGHT side of the road.
    2. Speed is 50 in town and 120 out of town.
    3. If an emergency vehicle is approaching, you must pull over to the side of the road to allow it to pass, no questions asked.
    General vehicle rules
    1. Vehicles in a parking lot, or are reasonably parked elsewhere will not be impounded.
    2. Vehicles that look abandoned, broken, with no driver, or left in the middle of the road can be impounded.
    3. Boats should be parked reasonably on shore.
    4. Any vehicle that hasn't moved in a significant amount of time may be impounded.
    Aviation laws
    1. No helicopter can land within city limits except on a helipad.
    2. Civilian helicopters may not land on the docks by the police station.
    3. Helicopters cannot fly below 300 meters unless landing at a helipad.
    4. Helicopters cannot hover over the city. (Police helicopters are excluded)
    5. Aircraft are not permitted to land on roads.
    Vehicle searches
    Vehicles searches are permitted in the following situations:
    1. A vehicle that has been stopped is larger than an Offroad.
    2. A vehicle has stopped at a police checkpoint.
    3. A vehicle has been witnessed to be leaving an illegal area.
    Civilian and police interaction
    General civilian and police interaction laws
    1. Civilians can be arrested/detained for looking in cops backpacks/vehicles.
    2. Civilians can be arrested for following cops in game in order to give away their position.
    3. Following and/or harassing cops for long periods of time is reasonable cause for the officer to ticket and/or jail you.
    4. Actively blocking cops from doing their duties can lead to your arrest. This is obstruction of justice.
    5. Civilians accessing any police base must have permission to access from the police. The helipad by the police base in Kavala is considered as part of the police base.
    6. Loitering around a police base after being asked to leave is a reasonable reason to place a civilian in jail.
    7. Failure to pay tickets will result in having the ticket doubled. If you refuse to pay the second ticket you will be jailed.
    8. Upon arriving on a hot zone (shots fired near), police may detain all civilians in the area.
    9. Police may detain those and transport them to the station for questioning if necessary.
    Raiding illegal areas
    1. All civilians in a raid area may be restrained and searched. If nothing illegal is found, you must let them go.
    2. If illegal items are found during a search, you may proceed to arrest them.
    3. Lethal force is only authorized if the situation falls under 'Use of Lethal Force'.
    4. After the area is secure, the officers must leave the area.
    5. Backup may be called in if the situation turns bad.
    House raiding
    1. A police officer may raid your house if you are caught doing an illegal activity.
    2. To raid a house police must have 4 members of the police force present. If a police officer is killed during the raid the police may continue the raid.
    3. If your house is raided and illegal items are found the police may confiscate the items.
    4. If whilst your house is being raided the police find firearms when you do not hold a firearms licence they may confiscate any firearms found on the premises.
    Firearm laws
    General firearm laws
    1. Any firearm that has automatic or burst fire functionality is considered an illegal firearm.
    2. A civilian may own any weapon from the gun store provided they own a firearms license. Rebel purchased weapons are illegal.
    3. A civilian may not carry anything other than a pistol whilst within city/town limits any rifles must be in their vehicle/house.
    4. If a police officer approaches you outside of the city/town limits are you are seen to be holding a firearm the police officer is permitted to use non-lethal force to ensure their safety.
    5. If you turn to face a police officer with a firearm drawn and not lowered the police officer may use lethal force to protect themselves from danger.
    Illegal items
    Illegal firearms
    Illegal Firearms are outlined under section I(a)(i) of the Altis law

    Illegal vehicles
    The following vehicles are illegal for civilians to operate. Police are permitted to use lethal force in order to disable the vehicle

    1. Ifrit
    2. Ka-60 [Rebel Model]
    3. Littlebird [Rebel Model]
    4. Police Speedboat
    5. Hunter [Police]
    6. Police off-road
    7. Rebel off-road
    8. Striders
    9. All armed vehicles
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