ACCEPTED House dissapears

Discussion in 'Request Compensation / Comp Requests' started by Nikos, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Nikos

    Nikos Member

    * Player In-Game Name: Nikos

    * Player ID: 76561198048130694

    * Items Lost, with total comp requested at the beginning: About 2 mil

    * Video Evidence/ Screenshots : Sad but true I was not recording. I was trying to buy a house. At first I thought it was a bug with a specific house, the way it was added, maybe and I sold it to try another one. I repeated this a few times. Can be found in the logs I guess. If declined due to no screenshot I will understand.
  2. Nick Draco

    Nick Draco Community Ambassador

    Unfortunately, we can not do anything unless you give us some proof.

  3. Nikos

    Nikos Member

    I understand that. Is the bug fixed though?
  4. Nikos

    Nikos Member

    No, it isn't, Just checked. Well, guys, housing is currently not working in the server. So, I guess there are two options:
    1. Someone fixes the bug or
    2. Check the database and comp us for our houses, storage boxes and contents, removing them at the same time (the evidence is the database) and play without houses... maybe.
  5. l Smokez l

    l Smokez l Community Ambassador

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