DENIED i was banned for killing a player breaking the rules repeatedly

Discussion in 'Appeal Your Ban / Ban Appeals' started by Tim, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. Tim

    Tim Member

    a player named joshua if i recall correctly had his weapon out in the green-zone and shot some times then i told him to holster his weapon because it was illegal and he started chasing me i stopped after a while and while targeting at me with an AK he told me to raise my hands in the air -there where no police men in the server so i couldnt depend on someone to put him in order and save my ass - so when the chance was given to me i ran away and i bought a weapon
    i found him still terrorising players and shooting inside greenzone (he also shot a medic helicopter) so when he was just a bit outside the greenzone i killed him (in order not to kill in the greenzone) i was banned immediately after that.
    P.S. you can verify most of those if you talk with him
  2. Jay Morre

    Jay Morre Member

    Note: were you robed in 5 mins of time you shot him because if you are not you broke Initiation witch means if you shot him after the 5 mins of you being robed than its RDM! And that is why you were probably banned.
  3. l Smokez l

    l Smokez l Community Ambassador

    Denied, Follow the appeal temp.
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